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Fishing Report Gold Coast
Gold Coast Trolling Tips and Techniques
27 June 2020
Snapper Fishing Gold Coast
Gold Coast Snapper Fishing
27 June 2020

Gold Coast Fishing In Winter

As the water cools most attention will go to chasing snapper and pearl perch. The 50-fathom line, current permitting, is definitely worth fishing this month. Snapper and pearl perch will start to move in on these reefs in numbers and the fishing greatly improves once the first of the winter westerlies begin. Soft plastics, Octa jigs and float lining with pilchards produce most of the fish. If you can keep things quiet and turn off your sounder after you’ve found the fish it generally improves results.

Jigging for kings and amberjacks is another good option on the 50-fathom line, with 300g knife jigs successful lately, but the fish seem to change their preference from day to day. Some big kingies over 15kg have already begun turning up on the wider grounds and jigs or deeply fished live baits are generally effective.

Gold Coast Rivers – Estuaries Fishing

Gold Coast Fishing In Winter  as the water cools and the westerlies start to blow a lot of fish start to move towards the entrances of the Gold Coast Seaway and Jumpinpin. Bream, mullet and blackfish start to congregate in big schools around the entrances and this makes for some great fishing.

Last year’s bream run was very slow, but with all the summer rain the fish should be heavy with roe and in excellent condition. Tailor will also start to move in along the beaches and the entrances on the run-in tides Fishing Gold Coast in Winter.

June is a good month to start targeting big jewies at night. Live mullet fished in the eddies of the Seaway and the deeper sections of Jumpinpin fished on a change of high tide produce most of the bigger fish. The average size of these big mullet eaters is around 15kg, very different to the smaller fish that tend to be caught in daylight hours.

This year has produced a bumper crop of prawns all through the estuaries of the Gold Coast and this has provided plenty of tucker for a wide range of species. Flathead will be a lot more active this month as the water cools down and some quality fish will start to be caught in the central Broadwater, although most will be between 40-50cm long. Gold Coast Fishing In Winter is ideal for every angler battering the cold weather.

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