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Gold Coast Calm Water Fishing
26 June 2020
Gold Coast Fishing In Winter
Gold Coast Fishing In Winter
27 June 2020

Trolling Tips Gold CoastGold Coast Trolling Tips and Techniques

Whether your close to the coast line or several miles offshore, trolling is often the most productive method for catching a wide variety of saltwater pelagic gamefish species. Including everything from Bonito, Tuna and Mackerel, right up to blue and Black Marlin, trolling is often the key to a success Fishing 36’s Gold Coast

Yet, many people don’t use this method either because they have had little or no success in the past, or because they simply don’t know the basic Gold Coast Trolling Tip techniques required to catch fish.

For the average offshore angler, trolling can be described as a combination of boredom while waiting for a strike with the occasional few minutes of mayhem and madness when a fish strikes and hooks up. It really can be very simple if you know the habits of the species you are targeting.

First of all, a heavy mono or wire leader is almost a necessity in the trolling world, the only exception being when species like mackerel are finicky, sometimes no leader is worth the risk. But usually at the expense of a couple of your favourite lures. The wire or mono prevents toothy critters from cutting your line either by bite off or from their strong tail slaps against the line. Five to six feet of wire leader from the hook should be connected to ten feet of double line. Use a Bimini twist, spider hitch or plait knot for a double line and tie that to a strong, snap swivel using a cats paw knot.

Snap swivels to allow rapid change of lures and leaders. More often than not, a good solid fish will put abrasions or a kink in your trace line and the snap swivel allows you to attach another pre-rigged lure on without stopping to tie knots.

It is important that the hook size matches your chosen lure. Small hooks on large lures or baits or large hooks on small baits simply are not effective. Carrying numerous pre-rigged lures with single hooks from 3/0 to 10/0 is recommended for skirted lures. I usually also carry a range of Hard body lures too, normally Halcos, Rapalas and similar patterns, a good stock of replacement treble hooks is hand too, at they tend to get bent and rusty after a little action. Gold Coast Trolling Tips

Trolling with Lures: Basics. Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines with lures or bait fish are drawn through the water. This may be behind a moving Gold Coast Fishing boat. The motion of the boat imparts action on the lures, whether they are spoons lures, surface lures, plugs, swimbait or spinnerbait.

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