Brisbane Fishing Charters

Brisbane Fishing with Discovery Fishing Charters our deckies are there to assist and help you fish so if you are inexperienced we will teach and assist you to try and catch a big fish. All quality tackle and bait, soft plastics and jigs are supplied. What we catch or whats on the bite on the day could be Snapper, Pearlies, Sweetlip are predominant with Parrot, Wrasse, Cod and numerous reef dwellers always on the menu. Yellow Kings, Jew and Cobia are often found in abundance in season. You catch it – you eat it! Queensland size and bag limit rules apply.

Brisbane Fishing Using Light Tackle

Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Yellow Fin Tuna and many more pelagic species are fantastic fighting fish, testing angler, gear and crew to the limits. These mighty hunters frequent our waters from October through to April/May and often they are here in large numbers.
Experience the excitement and adrenalin rush onboard Discovery, the ultimate light tackle game fishing charter boat.

Brisbane Fishing Using Heavy Tackle

Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin are undoubtedly the ultimate heavy tackle experience and these species are often found all year round in our waters off Cape Moreton. So too large Yellowfin – 40kg plus, and big Dolphin Fish hunt the deeper waters so this would be a great place to start.