Gold Coast Fishing Charters Tweed Heads
21 June 2020
5 Hrs Morning Fishing Charter
Fishing Charters Gold Coast Qld
22 June 2020

Fishing 36’s Gold Coast

Fishing 36's Gold Coast

Fishing 36's Gold Coast

Fishing 36’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast Fishing Charters are an ideal way to get to the big fish! A deep sea fishing charter from near Surfers Paradise, will take you between 10 and 35 km offshore, where you can experience reef fishing at its best.

Working the 36s and the 50s is regular practice for us and Snapper, teraglin, Tuskfish, Pearl roost, Samson fish, amberjack, flathead and kingfish are the principle target species. On the off chance that you fish on the float, as a large portion of the neighborhood contract pontoons do, your catch rates will in every case better on the off chance that you realize how to best control the float point.

The overarching conditions have an enormous effect to progress. At whatever point the breeze is more than 15-20 bunches on the neighborhood grounds, getting a decent float is damn close to outlandish, and like insightful any current over about 2.5 bunches makes keeping your snare close to the base incredibly extreme. In conditions like this present it’s occasionally better to drop the pick and hold the vessel over the reef at grapple.

In South east Queensland the winter months are regularly still and quiet and the current is typically negligible. So In the event that you need to float the more extensive grounds pick a smooth quiet day with twists underneath 15 bunches. At the point when it is blowing hard or the current is tearing, we for the most part work in nearer on stay.

Fishing 36’s Half Day Charters

Travel between 10-20km offshore and fish in depths of 33-50 metres (18-36 fathoms). Travelling time is approximately 15-30 minutes.

Fishing 36’s Full Day Charters

Travel between 10-35km offshore and fish in depths of 50-95 metres (36-50 fathoms). Travelling time is approximately 35-50 minutes.

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